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5 Major Challenges of Software Development And How They Can Be Overcome

Software development is the fastest evolving industry, no doubt about it! And it already touched more than $413.7 billion in operating revenue last year. However, there are some severe challenges of software development that you should solve beforehand, especially before outsourcing your project.

A 2020 report by CISQ revealed that US firms have already lost more than $260 billion for their unsuccessful and underperforming software development projects. Another 2020 CHAOS report also highlighted that more than 66% of software projects fail to meet their end goals.

Staggering numbers, isn’t it? So, we have identified five major factors that can typically harm your software development project to meet its requirements and expectations.

5 Critical Challenges of Software Development And How To Solve Them

There are five main challenges in any software development process that you need to overcome to ensure a lower cost of offshore development and ensure that your product will meet both its short-term and long-term goals.

1. Finding The Right Developers

It is not easy to find the right offshore development office to work with. A recent study by Harvard suggested that most developers have poor problem-solving skills even if they have strong technical knowledge. And another study by IBM also refers that most companies are now working to address that skill and problem-solving gap.

According to a recent report by Findly, India currently has more than 6 million software developers employed in the IT field, both domestic and offshore. And Indian offshore software development companies can access that immense talent pool to make a strong team for any dream project.

We at FlipKoins always hire the best developers in India for low cost who has immense expertise and experience in their respective technologies. And along with the talented software developers, we also take enthusiastic support staff, HR, and admins onboard to minimize the communication gap with the end client.

Besides, we also strongly believe in the SWOT analysis of our team before starting any project to yield maximum output to meet the end goal within the specified TAT.

2. Keeping Up With Change

If you want to develop custom-made softwareyour offshore team should keep up with the changes needed as the project progress. One of the main challenges of software development is to ensure agility in the team, especially if you outsource your tech project to offshore developers.

Adapting to newer technologies while having optimum soft skills is absolutely necessary for any software development team. A recent study by ApiumHub claimed that more than 60% of recruiters are now looking for strong soft skills in their tech partners.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence and machine learning are now dominating the entire tech sector as those enable any software developer to meet the end goal more efficiently in a time-specific manner. A study by Gartner recently shows that more than $2.9 trillion will be generated in the tech industry alone from the artificial intelligence augmentation by the end of this year.

So, your team should be adaptable to changes and willing to implement newer inputs to yield optimum output. And as a substantial technical transformation is taking place all over the globe, the offshore team should also adapt to newer technologies as the project progress.

3. Meeting Agile Expectations

While finding the right offshore team, you need to ensure that the end product should align with the user requirements and expectations. And to achieve that, you need to have a clear SOP, and your team should also be adaptive to necessary changes as the project progresses.

A recent survey by Stack Overflow revealed that more than 33% of software developers consider unspecified requirements and unclear guidelines as their main challenges while working with a remote offshore development team. However, these obstacles can be easily overcome by adopting Agile methodologies that rely on clear communication and daily retrospective reviews.

According to a report by GizmoSnack, more than 80% of software development companies now rely on Agile principles to ensure maximum output. And another report by GoRemotely also claimed that 60% of companies witnessed growth in profit after they had adopted the agile method while having just an 8% failure rate.

A State of DevOps report recently highlighted that more than 96% of companies witnessed quick recovery from failures after they had adopted the agile methodology. And we at FlipKoins always emphasize an agile approach during any development process to yield better results and also to meet the end goal.

4. Making The Software Secure

A recent report by Cyber Security Ventures says that businesses will likely lose $6 billion just from security and data breaches by AI-powered hacking. Another study by Forrester also reveals that AI-powered hacking will become entirely mainstream by the end of this year. So, there is no doubt that making the software secure is one of the prime challenges of software development.

As per the new CSOOnline report, more than 96% of web applications have at least one serious vulnerability that can be easily exploited by AI-powered hacking tools available in open-source projects.

There are two solutions. First, the remote development team should use high-level programming languages with built-in security protocols to make them less vulnerable. And second, the team should periodically search for CWEs (Common Weakness Enumerations) through penetration testing and application security testing to overcome security-related software development challenges.

Besides, a report by Synoptek also claims that the offshore development companies can only make any software secure if they distribute the security responsibilities among all their staff, including managers, analyststesters, and QA, not just developers. FlipKoins always take that approach to ensure a robust team that works towards producing a secure digital product without any data breaches. 

5. Maintaining Quality over Time

Meeting the short-term goal should not be your only objective, as you may need to overcome many software development problems over time. A new report by McKinsey recently suggested that more than 45% of development projects witnessed a lower return than the developer had anticipated at the start of that particular project.

You can significantly reduce your chance of failure by adapting frequent testing phases during the development process. First, you should strongly emphasize software testing to overcome all its flaws and vulnerabilities. And second, you should also user-test your digital product with a soft launch to check the response from real users.

A 2021 report by GMInsights revealed that the software testing market had already crossed an operating revenue of more than $40 billion last year. That study also predicted that it will also witness more than 7% CAGR between 2021 and 2027.

According to a study by PractiTest, almost 82% of companies now rely on exploratory software testing methodology, while 61% of companies use traditional script-based testing. We at FlipKoins do not just build teams that are proficient in both these testing methodologies but also adapt to newer testing technologies to ensure quality over time.


A 2020 report by BCG revealed that more than 70% of development projects fail to meet their desired outcomes in the long run. Hiring an offshore development team from India alone can effectively solve these issues, as the vast talent pool of Indian developers is already experienced enough to deal with these challenges to ensure maximum yield.

As we have already said, there are many other benefits of hiring developers in India. So, if you want a rapid outcome in a specified TAT without witnessing the challenges of software development, that too at a lower cost, feel free to contact us or drop your queries in the comment box below.

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