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5 Tips To Finding The Right Offshore Team For Your Company

Time zone differences, cultural differences, currency differences, and what not! You’ll feel too much pressure while finding the right offshore team for your company. However, there are ways to do it, that too, in an effective manner.

According to a new EF EPI index, India achieves a score of 515, which is No.6 among the top 24 Asian companies in the outsourcing business. So, not just having the right technical skill, you will even have an edge while communicating with Indian developers.

However, it is not easy to find the right candidate for your next software development project, as this industry is now heavily saturated with new players coming each day. So, we have curated five tips to help you out!

5 Best Practices For Finding the Right Offshore Team for Your Company

1. Ensure Seamless Communication

Communication is the key to working with offshore software outsourcing companies, as it is the core vitals in any successful project completion. Your development team must have a clear view of what you want and how many days you want the project to be complete.

You should also concentrate on their availability index and their estimated response time. If the availability index is on the lower side and it takes ages for them to respond to your queries, it is better to stay away!

It is also better to hire a development company that as a single point-of-contact to maintain transparent communication from both sides.

2. Hire A Reputed And Experienced Company

As per the recent outsourcing stats, the offshore outsourcing industry is likely to touch $81.5 billion in operating revenue by the end of 2023. Besides, it is also expected to attain a 3.51% compound growth. And in this booming industry, it is always tempting to hire freelancers.

However, you should strictly rely on companies with a proven track record. To effectively complete a development project in a specified TAT, the company should have an experienced team.

We at FlipKoins not only concentrate on ethical business practices but also emphasize quality-driven software development. Besides, we also have a team that relies on innovation, agility, and, most importantly, scalability

3. Be Clear With Your Requirements

It is necessary for you and the offshore development team to be on the same page. If they can’t properly follow your demand, it is absolutely impossible to deliver the right product. And the best offshore development company constantly evaluates your requirements first!

Not just the project goals, you should also clearly outline your target audiencepreferences, and needs; so that they can build a win-win strategy for both the stakeholders in a development project.

It is also better to discuss your short-term and long-term goals of the product for them to have a clear vision about the final output.

4. Ensure Cost-Effectiveness

Not the cost but you should concentrate on cost-effectiveness while you opt for software outsourcing. It may happen that a company charges 50% more than the market rate but delivers 4X results. So, you need to evaluate the cost-vs-performance ratio.

Some popular outsourcing destinations like India and the Philippines have lower living costs. However, there are many other benefits of hiring developers in India. And that’s why Indian software firms can yield the same result at a significantly lower cost.

It is also better to discuss how they will handle the unforeseen costs while developing your software or web products to have a clear view of their budgeting and financial understanding.

5. Ensure Cultural Fit

Austrian-American management consultant Peter Drucker once rightly said, “Efficiency is concerned with doing things right.” However, most software development firms can’t achieve that efficiency due to the cultural mismatch.

To achieve the highest effectiveness for delivering the optimum output, you should hire only those development firms that can step into your shoes. Besides, you should also consider logistical challenges, such as different demographic profiles and time-zone differences.

So, to ensure cultural compatibility, you must ensure that the firm should comply with all your norms rather than implementing their own!


Q. How experienced is your company with working with an offshore team?

While finding the right offshore team for your company, you should first concentrate on their experience and existing client profile. Do check their handles on social media, most importantly on LinkedIn. You should also ask for their previous testimonials and recommendation from their existing clients. 

Q. What type of clients do you typically work with?

It is necessary to understand if they have already worked with clients having similar demands as yours. Otherwise, it may happen that the workflow of the offshore company is ultimately a misfit. Besides, don’t forget to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the development starts working on your project.

Q. What is your desired level of involvement with your clients?

If any development company says that they are ready to fulfill all your demands, it’s a clear red flagA development team should have their own inputs while considering your requirements. So, be clear on the involvement needed from both sides before outsourcing any project.

Q. Do you want to hire full-time employees or contract workers?

Most of the startups these days fail because of improper budgeting. So, before you start calculating the overhead costs, you should clearly know if you need full-time employees or offshore contractual workers. And honestly saying, hiring a full-time employee will cost you at least twice as hiring even the best offshore software development company.

Q. Do you want to hire remote workers or on-premises workers?

If you are from tier-1 countries, hiring remote workers will cost you significantly less than hiring on-premises workers. According to a recent stat published in USA news, the current average median salary of a USA-based developer now lies around $110k. However, you can get the same talent and skill in India for just $6k to $10k.


If you want to produce state-of-the-art digital products to gain a competitive edge, that too, at a reasonable price, there is no way other than hiring an offshore team, especially from India. However, you do need to concentrate on workflow, POC, time zone differences, and cultural understanding while finding the right offshore team for your company.

We hope that the five tips we have given above will help you select the right offshore team for your next big project. Feel free to connect to us to hire the right team for the right project!

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