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The dedicated development center model is a way to have your business located with cheaper hourly costs for software development services and a huge range of programmers and IT-related specialists to provide a self-managed remote team. This model helps you to select a place that fits your budget and expertise criteria. What's more, when remote PMs are responsible for handling your offshore production center, it won't take you away from your core jobs.

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Workspace Solutions

Whether you're an established enterprise or a scaling startup, your office should drive your business forward.

We will provide you and your team with a world class infrastructure here at silicon city, bengaluru. A place where you will the best in class office to run your show and you get to spend time with other like minded people at flipkoins under one roof, where all the innovations happens.

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World class Infrastructure

A stupendous office with ergonomic work station, meeting rooms, cafeteria, wellness center, fitness center, conference rooms, events space, printing, high-speed internet, onsite staff, cleaning service, micro roasted coffee, parking, stunning view, chill out couches, library, foosball table, xbox and easy access to public transport at the heart of Bengaluru

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All inclusive billing

Yes you read it right, you need not worry about multiple invoices to juggle with every month. You will get one single itemised invoice from flipkoins which is inclusive of every employee of your company plus the entire administration, office space and amenities all inclusive.

Do you want to take a virtual tour of the office before you finalize?

Let's set it up for you!

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How cost effective you ask?

With all these pampering facilities, wouldn't blame you if you assumed this will be super expensive.

Top in the industry talents plus a dream office space in the best city in India is cheaper than you would bet on.

How do we do that ?

All thanks to successful model and a talented team of dedicated professionals at flipkoins who wants to make your dream come true

How it works

In our committed developer team model, you can do it quicker and more efficiently, if you need to expand your in-house team, create unique tech skills, or speed up the development of your software app.

Employ trained and talented tech experts to build a high-quality software application from our extensive pool of millions engineers.

This model helps you to save up to 63 percent for your more company investments by reducing your operating costs and additional expenses by running your ODC project in India.

Our globally accredited IT recruiters will identify and screen applicants to pick the right matching ones. Do not spend your time on recruitment.

Easily refine the team structure, increase it with more devoted developers or reduce the number of employees as appropriate.

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