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Why Should You Outsource Your Tech Projects to Offshore Developers?

There is no doubt that outsourcing projects, especially tech ones, can be beneficial in many ways. But before you outsource your tech projects to offshore developers, you need to understand the real advantages to gain the maximum edge.

According to a 2020 report by Deloitte, more than 70% of industry leaders in the software field choose to outsource their projects to credible offshore teams. That same report also revealed the enormous cost-cutting while outscoring a tech project.

But not just the cost-effectiveness while developing a project, there are many other reasons to select an offshore team over a team of in-house developers.

8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Tech Projects to Offshore Developers

1. Reduce Overall Production Cost

Scalability will be harmed if you spend too much money on a project that can be done at an 80% lesser cost if you outsource that to India. As per the new global outsourcing survey, more than 24% of IT companies this that the development cost is the biggest barrier while scaling.

According to a new report by Statista, the Indian IT and BPM industry has already touched $195 billion in total revenue in 2021. And around 60% of that revenue came from the offshore outsourcing industry itself.

We, at FlipKoins, can do the project at a significantly lesser cost that can take up to 10X if you do it with the developer from your country while yielding the same quality.

2. Reduce Company’s Responsibility

Business executivesHR managers, trainers, and many more; there is a lot of support staff needed for any development project, not just the software developers. And that can chomp off up to 50% of the total budget of your project.

According to a new study by Statista, the Indian IT industry already contributed around 8% of the total GDP in 2020. So, Indian offshore software development companies tend to make all the decisions to secure their financial freedoms.

If you hire a reputed remote offshore development company like FlipKoins, you don’t need to take any burden of hiring support staff, such as HR, Accounts, Interviewers, and other non-yielding staff.

3. Access Huge Pool Of Talent

There are a lot of benefits of hiring software developers in IndiaHowever, talent is the core concern that India has never lacked. And India steadily produces more than 2 million engineers each year!

According to a new report by the US Bureau of Labor, the demand for credible software developers will likely increase by 22% within 2030. And that massive surge can’t be supported by the US developers alone.

FlipKoins, on the other hand, is a pioneer in this industry that always has access to the massive pool of talent India already has.

4. Get Rid Of Continuous Hiring Cycles

According to a recent survey report, there are 25 million software developers in the world that are constantly looking for a better opportunity. So, there is no guarantee that your in-house developers will stay loyal to your company until the project finishes!

While hiring remote offshore development companies in Bangalore like FlipKoins, you don’t need to worry about that, as we are always in a continuous hiring cycle to ensure we have optimum resources throughout the development process.

And not just the core developers, we also continuously hire supports staff to make all our projects fully proof, without any obstruction of workforce shortage at any point in time.

5. Shorter Development Time

It’s a general norm that offshore project outsourcing can ensure a much lesser development time. By collaborating with a third party, you can be absolutely sure that you’ll meet the milestones in the specified time

While finding the right offshore company for your software development project, you can even mention your specific delivery time even on the agreement itself. And in that way, you can assure the shortest possible development time without harming the output quality

The development company will also take care of the specified time to ensure speedy delivery and their reputation while you outsource your tech projects to offshore developers.

6. Easy And Fast Scalability 

Scalability and agility are absolutely needed for any startup to become successful. While developing any software, you may need more manpower and specialized developers as the project progresses.

If you concentrate on just in-house developers, it will be hard for you to scale up, especially when you need more developers on your team. You’ll also face enormous challenges hiring the right staff in the shortest possible time while you’re in crisis.

On the other hand, if you outsource that same project to remote offshore developing teams, you don’t need to worry about the manpower shortage; hence fast scalability is guaranteed!

7. Provides Maximum Flexibility

It is a fact that an offshore tech outsourcing team is much more flexible than an in-house development team, all thanks to the years of experience that they have in the same field. Besides, offshore teams have already handled a wide range of projects.

Offshore teams are always on their toes as they keep on updating themselves with new skills and technologies to assure faster and more optimized project delivery to their clients.

They are also flexible for any changes needed while the software is in development mode. Besides, they also provide their own inputs to make their clients reach both the short-term and long-term goals.

8. Shortest Response Time

Communication is the key to becoming any project successful, not just software. And you need to establish effective communication channels with your development team to ensure the project is on the right path.

While you need to communicate with each developer on your in-house team, most offshore development companies have just a single POC to streamline their communication channels. 

If you discuss your project goals, requirements, modifications, and anything necessary about the project to that single point of contact, you’ll rest assured that the entire team gets the message instantaneously.

Key Takeaways

There are many benefits if you outsource your tech projects to offshore developers, especially in India. You can effectively cut down your project cost by up to 58% while also accessing the vast pool of talent at the same time.

However, you also need to emphasize the cultural matching and communication breakdowns, such as language barrier and time-zone differences, to ensure that your project meets its actual goal in the shortest possible time.

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