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Benefits Of Hiring Developers In India Vs. Any other countries

More experience, more skills, but way more affordable than the USA or Europe. Yes, we are talking about the best developers in India who have been already working as the backbone of almost all software firms.

Indian developers are naturally talented, having remarkable analytical prowess, just to stay competitive in the global market. And for that, hiring developers in India is the top priority among several industry leaders throughout the globe, especially among the Fortune 500s.

However, talent and low hourly wages are not the only deciding factors for hiring an Indian developer. So, our team of experts has delved down deep to find why hiring from India is way more effective and profitable than hiring from another country.

Technical Expertise

If you are looking for extraordinary skills with raw analytical power, that too in a single package, you need to resort to an Indian developer. They are not just among the top iOS or Android app developers but can also create state-of-the-art SaaS products.

Indian developers have natural expertise in Python and Java as they have already started to shift to big data and IoT. Besides, you’ll get top-class developers having profound knowledge in C/C++ and PHP. According to the current PYPL Index, Indian developers prefer to work with Python, Java, PHP, and C/C++ languages.

Angular JS, React JS, R, Kotlin, TypeScript, name whatever language you prefer, Indian developers are the true masters of them all! Besides, you can completely trust the developers while talking about software development offshore.

Huge Pool of Talents

According to a 2018 survey report, more than 45% of freshers from the IT field have landed shady jobs after they got influenced by software development outsourcing. And most of these IT freshers are from Western countries alone.

On the other hand, the Indian scenario is entirely different! It has an immense pool of IT talents who have already proved their worth on a global scale. And they are also ready to give their best in any challenging situation to escalate and find the solution in no time.

It is almost impossible to find an IT engineer from a western country who follows a strict work culture and has immense talent to lead a development team. But if you talk about India, it is readily available at a lower price.

Diversity In Talent

It may be shocking to know, but India produces more graduates and masters than any other country in the world. Besides, India has a vast youth population who are looking for better job opportunities offshore.
From react native development to full-stack, from block-chain programming to AI, you just name any, and India has it all! Besides, most Indian IT colleges also organize both on and off-campus placements where companies can directly connect and hire talented developers.

Qualified & Well-Trained Professionals

A 2018 study suggested that India had close to 3 million skilled developers at that time. And that number has at least increased 90% in the last couple of years. Another recent study by Businesswire has also suggested that the Indian outsourcing market will witness a 7.25% CAGR by the end of 2025.

India is also the fastest-growing software developer hiring market, especially if you talk about the companies headquartered in the western world. And most of these IT professionals who take up offshore projects have huge experiences.

Besides the IT skills and proficiency in traditional programming languages like C++ or Java, Indian developers also use English as their second official language. So, communication is a lot easier.

Cost-Effective Hiring Options

An IT company headquartered in the USA can reduce its overall project development cost by 30% while outsourcing it to its offshore counterparts. And if you talk about India, IT hubs like Bangalore and Mumbai can reduce that cost even more.

Going with an offshore option can attract several liabilities, such as payroll and property leach. However, both these factors can be effectively minimized if you choose an Indian developer as they work at a relatively lower hourly wage.

You may not even know that more than 45% of USA-based software companies now have at least one offshore development office in India alone.

Skill Set

India is a place where millions of software developers and other IT professionals are emerging each year. Right now, the USA houses more than 4 million high-skilled software developers. But by the end of 2024, India is bound to cross that mark.

There is no shortage of IT talents in India with a positive attitude towards the offshore work culture. And it is almost an unsaid rule in the global IT field that if you want to execute an IT project on a low budget but with rapid speed and skill, you just need to hire the best developers in India.

Diverse Pay Scale

India produces more than 2 million engineers each year. And if you talk about the IT field, the recent Statista report suggests that this stream alone produces close to 1 million IT engineers each year. Most of these high-skilled engineers are ready to work at a significantly lower wage.

A statistical analysis of the average annual salary in the field of IT and software development can give you a bird’s eye view of the diverse pay scale.

Position Country Average Annual Salary

  1. USA $94,000
  2. China $25,853
  3. Brazil $16,194
  4. Malaysia $15,392
  5. India $14,000


Most offshore clients always look for speedy project delivery, minimum error, and hassle-free communication, that too at a lower price. And for them, hiring developers in India can be the best bet, as they can employ the same talent at ¼ the wage they used to pay in the USA.
India also has an enormous pool of talented IT youths who are ready to grab offshore opportunities with basic pay. Besides, they also have the ability to learn and adapt to new work cultures. So, hiring an Indian guy for your next project will be a win-win situation, indeed!


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