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A committed development team is a group of engineers who join the company of the customer as one entity and are directly supervised by a committed project/product manager or the customer; a team operates from the offshore development office where all the necessary support is provided by the vendor.

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Running out of the experts you need in your region?

In order to create a ready-to-hire group of top professionals, our technical recruiters actively engage with the very best engineers. Until their first interview with you, we meticulously screen each applicant based on the particular strengths and experience you need. We're going quickly to present the first nominee.

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Does in-house production sound too costly?

By including a long list of advantages and round-the-clock HR, we pride ourselves on taking excellent care of your staff. We are also dealing with all the tedious things like payroll, security, accounting and legal, so you can work on your roadmap free of charge.

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Happy with the team? Make it yours

Take time to test out the new team we will have built for you. If you’re satisfied, we can transfer the entire legal and operational structure to your company. You’ll own the talent pool and all intellectual property it provides.

Full operation support

We provide an individual approach to each client. You decide how the team operates. Love scrum? Great. Prefer Kanban? Not a problem. Employee rewards? Sure, they’re your employees.

Using our internal talent and recruitment capabilities, we build your team based on your demands. We strive to keep our best people in-house, so right from the start, you may find some specialists available. If required, our HR team will help to meet your special needs by custom recruitment.

To your account, a Distribution Manager responsible for team integration is appointed. During the first months of partnership, this boss works closely with you to hammer out an appropriate concept of remote cooperation to help build up all the agile systems required for a dispersed team. A Delivery Manager is responsible for the integration of business processes, alignment of technology, team building activities, and the establishment and supervision of effective communication.

At our development centers, we take care of any administration related to your team. We provide technical infrastructure, promote continuing education and invest in your team's professional growth. Your developers will not work isolated – we make sure that experts working at our development centers have the environment to develop professionally.

This engagement model allows you to manage your remote team as your in-house team in parts of the world, while we provide you with the necessary tools and our continued assistance. Also, at any stage of our cooperation, you can involve us so that we help facilitate communication and team relationships.

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