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7+ Pro Tips To Hire The Best Developers In India For Low Cost

With more than 1.5 million new engineers each year, India is the biggest tech outsourcer, no doubt about that! But do you think it is easy to hire the best developers in India for a low cost in a competitive market? Certainly not!

new study by the Data Bridge recently suggests that the global software development market will likely cross an operating revenue of $17.79 Billion by the end of 2027, with a projected growth rate of 10.85%.

But it is not easy to find the right offshore company for your next dream project. So, we have delved deep into the sector to identify the best ways to hire offshore developers in India this year.

Most Effective Tips To Hire Best Developers In India For Low Cost

1. Design The Right Job Description

Creating the project-specific and target-centric job description is absolutely needed for a fast hiring process and better transparency with remote offshore developers. It will also pave your way to hire the best developers in India for a low cost as both parties know about the deliverables beforehand.

And to perfectly craft the job description according to your needs, you must include the following parameters.

  • Total years of experience needed
  • The required project-oriented skillset
  • Educational and technical requirements of the developers
  • The expected time required each week and total project duration
  • Daily tasks and responsibilities to perform

You should have practical expectations and cater to the right tone to attract the best offshore developer in India. If you spend some time designing the fitting job description, you’ll save a lot of time in the hiring process.

2. Go For A Thorough Interviewing Process

You may not know but finding the right offshore team for your next project is not everything as you need to have a project-centric and effective way to evaluate them properly. And that evaluation should emphasize optimum output in a real-world scenario.

It is better to divide your complete interview process into three main segments; the video interview round with the team leads and project coordinators, the real-time coding test for the software developers, and the final HR interview.

If you start with a video interview with the team, you’ll be sure about their language proficiency and communication skills. Besides, an HR interview will also help you establish an effective management channel with the offshore team.

3. Ask For A Real-Time Coding Test

According to a recent report by GitHub, India now has more than 5.8 million coders. However, a new finding also suggests that only 31% of developers from the Tier-I and Tier-II colleges in India can actually write compatible and error-free codes.

Contradictory, isn’t it? So, you need to make sure about the real-world skillset of the offshore developers, not just their degrees. And going with some real-time programming test in a time-specific environment is the best method to evaluate that!

You can easily find some programming assessment templates on websites like HackerRank and CoderByte. However, the coding test should be followed by a technical interview to predict the right attitude of the offshore team.

4. Ask For English Speaking Programmers For Ease Of Communication

The language barrier and cultural difference are the two main challenges you’ll face while hiring an offshore development team. However, there are benefits of hiring developers in India vs. other countries, as the country has more than 129 million English speakers.

According to the newest English proficiency Index, India ranks 6th among the 24 Asian countries. It also stands in 48th place amongst the total 112 English-speaking countries in this world. And we at FlipKoins always hire developers who use English as their first or second language to nullify the language barrier.

We also firmly believe that a good software developer must have the right English communication skills besides the technical and coding abilities to overcome the geographical challenges while working with the USA or UK-based tech company.

5. Have Realistic Expectations About The Project Costs

According to a 2020 report by HackerRank, Indian developers have an average salary of $38k/year while USA-based developers get $106k/year, three times more than their Indian counterparts. So, it is almost certain that you’ll get a much lesser quote for your project if you opt for Indian offshore companies.

This price difference is prominent mainly because of the overall living cost of India as compared with the USA. A new study finds that India has an 85% lower living cost than the Tier-I countries. Besides, there are close to 6 million engineers fighting for the position.

One of the best offshore software development companies in India, FlipKoins, strongly believes in delivering the best-possible output while keeping the overall project cost at the lower side. You can expect to get around 30% to 70% lesser price quotes for your next dream project.

6. Ask How They Will Handle Manpower Shortage

The recent report by Research And Market suggests that the Indian outsourcing industry will likely witness a 7.25% CAGR by the end of 2025. So, a huge pool of talent is already attracted towards this enormous growth of the tech industry in the subcontinents.

Although the Indian offshore development industry is mature enough to secure ample manpower for any project, there is no guarantee that those developers will stick to the company until the project meets its end goal.

We at FlipKoins always relied on a continuous hiring cycle to eliminate any chance of workforce shortage at any point during a development project. And not just the developers, we also hire support staffadmins, and HRs to take care of all the responsibilities.

7. Conduct A Final Face-to-Face Assessment

India is currently the largest outsourcer of not just credible software developers but also top-tier UI/UX designersQA testers, and Analysts. On the other hand, Indian developers are accustomed to versatile frameworks covering AngularJS, ReactJS, Java, and even full-stack development.

A new study by Statista claims that more than 35% of Indian developers prefer Python as their core language to achieve maximum output in the field of big data, data visualization, and task automation.

However, it is difficult to evaluate a company just by their technical abilities if you want to hire the best developers in India for a low cost. FlipKoins, on the other hand, always emphasize face-to-face assessment to build an ethos that works on mutual understanding.


The correct job description followed by a thorough interview round with technical and coding tests is essential to evaluate any qualified offshore development team. Besides, you should also communicate with the team and ensure the actual project cost and projected TAT

So, these are all the methods that you should follow if you want to hire the best developers in India for a low cost. And if you want to get the best price quote for your next project, feel free to contact us or start a chat with us in the comment box below!

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