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10 Characteristics Of A Good Leader From An Employer’s Perspective

Leaders are the engines of any team that can yield better performance in the shortest possible time, especially in the field of offshore software and app development. And there are certain characteristics of a good leader that can make or break your dream project.

However, leaders should also influence their team members while strongly perceiving their own leadership abilities. A new study by Octanner reveals that employees tend to have 16X strong perceptions about your leadership ability once you can connect them with your vision.

But it is not all! So, our team of experts has delved deep into the leadership practices to find the top ten characteristics that every credible leader should have. Read on!

Top 10 Characteristics Of A Good Leader – From Employer’s Perspective

1. Intelligence

Both intelligent and emotional quotients are absolutely necessary to become a great leader, especially in the field of offshore app development. Intelligent people also tend to be humble, which also boosts overall productivity.

However, a recent survey from CareerBuilder recently revealed that 70% of employers value EQ over IQ while looking for leadership skills. However, another new report from Verizon shows that just 20% of employers consider EQ as an essential soft skill.

It is noticed that intelligent leaders have improved problem-solving skills as they rely on decisive and creative solutions. Besides, intelligent leaders are also necessary to nourish any creative atmosphere in the workplace.

2. A Sense Of Humor

Workers can deliver optimum output when they work with leaders having a good sense of humor. This skill not only helps to break the ice in the leader-worker relationship but also creates a happy atmosphere.

Being humorous is also a necessary emotional skill that can yield better productivity while working with a team. According to the new report by McKinsey, the demand for having excellent emotional skills will likely increase by 26% in the USA and 22% in the UK by 2030.

Workers tend to open up more with the leaders having a good sense of humor, as they feel less fearful while communicating with the leader.

3. Emotional Stability

new study by Harvard Business Review recently revealed that while 95% of leaders think they have self-awareness, only 15% actually have it. And this misassumption mainly occurs when the leaders don’t have sufficient emotional stability to work with their teams.

Another new report from Gallup also revealed that more than 37% of managers are now stressed, mainly due to emotional instability. And stress is the biggest hurdle to achieving optimum productivity.

We, at FlipKoins, always hire such workers in our offshore development center who has the right balance of emotional and personal stability. You should also look for this optimum balance while you outsource your tech project to offshore developers to yield maximum output.

4. Integrity

The integrity of leaders is only reflected when they treat their employees well and also value their opinions. It is also among the best characteristics of a good leader, as it can ensure an effective bond with the workers to finally achieve a better result.

new survey by Sunnie Giles revealed that 67% of workers in the IT field ranked high ethical standards as the top-most skill they look for in a leader. Another report from Robert Half firm also revealed that more than 75% of workers consider integrity as one of the most crucial aspects of a good leader.

According to new research published on HBR, leaders having elevated ethical standards tend to assure better productivity and yield optimum output. Besides, workers also feel more valuable while working with such leaders.

5. Self-Awareness

new report published on DDI World recently revealed that more than 58% of working professionals are not satisfied with the leadership skills of TLs and Managers. And it mainly occurs if the leader is not self-aware. 

Having a self-aware leader on a team that provides offshore development services is necessary if you want to achieve the end goal in a specified TAT. While finding the right offshore team for your dream project, you should consider this particular value of your remote team. 

A positive attitude is a byproduct of elevated self-awareness, which is necessary to strengthen the leader-worker bond. According to a new report by Predictive Index, more than 79% of great leaders have a positive attitude towards life, work, and relationships.

6. The Ability To Inspire Others

The leader of any organization should not only just have self-inspiring capabilities but should also have the ability to inspire all the employees working in a team. And true leaders can only inspire others if they can ensure the respectful treatment of all the team members.

new survey by SHRM revealed that more than 72% of employees consider respectful treatment as the core quality in their inspirational leaders. Besides, leaders can only influence if they have a respectful relationship with their teammates.

Leaders of any organization should also put effort into building trust with their colleagues. Besides, every team under a great leader should also build consensus among the team.

7. Strong Communication Skills

According to the new report by, more than 35% of businesses witnessed a low retention rate due to poor communication channels among the leaders and the employees. Another report from Pumble also revealed that the productivity of a team could increase by 25% just by establishing a clear communication channel.

new report from Business News Daily states that just 60% of employees think their leaders have good communication skills. So, it is necessary for a good leader to have strong communication skills.

FlipKoins always emphasizes building clear and effective communication channels within the team and with the end clients. Besides, we have also adopted a daily communication routine as one of the best practices to make custom software development successful.

8. Creativity And Vision

According to the newest report by Leadership IQ, only 29% of employees think that their leaders have the right vision that aligns with the company’s core vision. Yes, getting a visionary leader is truly among the biggest challenges in software development.

Team members mainly rely on the vision of their leaders to achieve the goal in a specified TAT. So, the leader should have a clear vision of the project and should also have creative inputs to make it reach the end goal.

Yes, Elon Musk is an example that showed the efficient culmination of vision and creativity to scale his company to a height that none can dare think of. So, it is one of the best characteristics of a good leader to be visionary and creative at the same time.

9. Reliability And Accountability

A true leader should always be open about the goals and challenges of the organization. Besides, it is also necessary for any leadership to ensure both reliability and accountability in a team to yield better performance in a shorter timeframe.

Every great leader always trusts their employees and gives them their due credit. Besides, they also emphasize inputs provided by their employees. Steve Jobs once rightly said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

A company should also invest in the personal growth of every employee to achieve the highest accountability. According to the newest report by Lorman, more than 70% of employees left their jobs after their organizations failed to invest in personal development and growth.

10. A Desire To Grow And Evolve

There is no doubt that a virtual workforce saves you money only if the development team has the desire to learn, grow, and evolve according to the industry’s needs. And it starts with the ability of the leader to learn and grow as the project evolves.

Setting up challenging goals for the team where they can evolve for betterment is one of the outstanding characteristics of a good leader. According to a new report from Bi Worldwide, only 31% of employees think that their goals are challenging enough.

Growth can only be attained if leaders emphasize the feedback given by their employees. A new study by Office Vibe revealed that more than 43% of employees now have the scope to provide feedback at least once a week.


Not all TLs and Managers have the ten characteristics of a good leader we have mentioned above. However, it can be achieved through leadership training. According to a new report by Research Gate, leadership training can improve performance by up to 20%.

We, At FlipKoins, always emphasize leadership programs to make our team leads efficient. And if you want to take advantage of our leadership abilities while developing new software or app, feel free to contact us or drop your queries in the comment box below.  

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